Q.        Where are you located?

A. We serve in various places throughout Albuquerque. We try and post a weekly schedule under “Locations & Hours” or on our social media pages.

Q.        Are you serving today and where?

A. The best way to know if we are serving on a particular day is to check our Instagram, Facebook or website. We try and post up to date information about upcoming service dates and times.

Q         Do you have a storefront?

A. We currently do not have a storefront. However all of our food is prepared in a certified commissary kitchen located in CNM Main campus. There is no pickup options available out of our commissary kitchen.

Q.        Do you have GF options?

A. Yes. We have a few GF options. Be sure to check out our menu, to determine which items fit your dietary needs.

Q.        How do I order?

A. Orders can me made online  by clicking on the “Order Online” button at the top of the page.  

Q.        Can I pre-order?

A. The online ordering system that we use does not give us the option to accept pre-orders right now but may be something available in the future. Until then, online ordering starts at the time of service.

Q.        When I order, can I specify a pickup time?

A. No. As much as we would like to provide this as an option, We never know exactly how long we will be serving at a given location. Some days we sell out under an hour and somedays we are out serving for four hours. With this uncertainty it would be best that we hold off on setting this as a possible expectation. We do enjoy this as an option when we move in to location with set hours and location. 

Q.        How do you operate?

A. We are a husband and wife team. We sell our goods either through our food trailer we call Rosita. We prepare an estimated amount of food at our commissary kitchen and transport it to pre-determined locations/events around the city. Because of our irregular schedule it is hard to determine how much food to bring to each event. We do our best to make sure we have a proper amount of food without creating too much food waste. We apologize in advance if we run out of product during a service where we under calculated the amount of orders.

Q.        Do you accept cash?

A. Yes. We are currently accepting cash, online payments, in-person debit or credit card payments, and apple pay.

Q.        Do you deliver?

A. Not currently. We used to be a delivery only business through GrubHub and DoorDash but have found that a majority of our customers prefer in person pickup. However, this might be an option that we re-explore once we get a store front.

Q.        Can I call my order in?

A. No. Right now we are a small operation. With that being the case we are holding off on phone orders to allow us to focus on the creation of the food. We will considering opening this up as an option for the future.

Q.        Can I place an order in person?

A. Yes. But if you have the ability to place an online order we would greatly appreciate it. This is also a good way of determining what items we have available for you that day.

Q.        Do you have  a mailing list I can be put on?

A. We currently are working on a mailing list and if you would like to be placed on it you can email us at vegosabq@gmail.com. We will be using this to notify customers when and where we will be, promotions, menus, etc…